Motivation Mondays: Next Level Leadership

Dec 2, 2013 | By Staff | Leadership Motivation Mondays


Many of us want to be leaders at work. We’re not talking about being Vice Presidents or CEOs – sure some of those guys and gals are leaders too, but certainly not all of them. We’re talking about being leaders at work regardless of our job title, rank, or position.

So how do we take our leadership to the next level? Think about this quote from bestselling business writer, Harvey Mackay:

“A mediocre person tells. A good person explains. A superior person demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves.”

 Mackay wasn’t necessarily referring to leadership when he wrote those words, but let’s think about Mackay’s quote in the framework of leadership and see where his words fall on a leadership spectrum:

     Telling someone to do something.

          Explaining how to do something.

               Demonstrating how to do something.

                    Inspiring others to do something themselves.

 Now, if you consider yourself a leader, where do you think you fall on the spectrum?

Does your leadership consist of merely telling someone to do something?

Or does your leadership consist of modeling behavior and inspiring others to do something themselves?

True leadership walks the talk, and inspires other to do the same.

Walk on.


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