Culture vs. Qualifications: Who Wins?

Dec 5, 2013 | By Staff | Culture Hiring/Firing


It used to be that qualifications (e.g. a college degree, previous job experience) were the determining factors that drove companies’ recruitment and hiring strategies. But new information shows that culture matters too, for both employers and employees.

Businessweek recently cited a study done by employment site,, which collected “285,000 questions asked by hiring managers.” Scott Dobroski, the spokesman for Glassdoor notes that they have found “a significant rise in questions asked about cultural fit,” such as questions about job applicants’ favorite books, movies, or websites.

And it turns out potential employers aren’t the only ones increasingly concerning themselves with culture. Potential employees are also placing more emphasis on considering the cultural fit of a new workplace. Dobroski also points out to Businessweek that according to Glassdoor’s study, company culture is now the second-highest priority of potential employees, narrowly behind salary.

So no matter which side of the 21st century interview table you’re on, don’t forget to think beyond qualifications…..think culture.

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