Creating a Culture of Excellence

Jan 20, 2014 | By Staff | Bosses Culture Hiring/Firing Leadership


The cover of Entrepreneur magazine’s February 2014 issue states, “Create a culture of excellence.”

Despite the fact that culture is about groups and entrepreneurs are individuals, this statement reminds us that cultures are born, built, and nurtured. They come from somewhere, from someone. From visions, values, and beliefs. This is especially true in newly-formed companies, which take their cultural cues from their founders and top leaders.

The author of Entrepreneur‘s February article, “Good Vibes,” writer and professor Christopher Hann, points out four “common lessons learned” from his interviews with entrepreneurs about creating and sustaining positive cultures:

- The CEO and senior management team must play an active role in defining the culture,  then reinforce it through their words and deeds.

- That reinforcement must take place on a regular, if not daily, basis. You can’t live the culture only when the mood strikes.

- All employees, from the boss to the newest hire, must embrace the culture.

- A company must hire people who will be a good cultural fit.

What do you think of these four common themes? Is your organization’s culture in alignment with these positive themes? If not, how can you, whether you’re the CEO or the newest hire, improve and reinforce the culture?


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