Bringing New Employees Into Your Culture? Call RITA

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Finding new employees to bring into an established organization is tough enough. But finding new employees to bring into an established culture…well, that’s even tougher. 

That’s why Will Dean, CEO of Tough Mudder, an adventure/endurance-race company founded in 2010, developed a process for onboarding new hires Dean has dubbed “RITA.” A Harvard Business School graduate, Dean knows a thing or two about how to build a successful company. But who’s RITA?

According to Dean, his method for finding the right employees to fit into Tough Mudder’s culture is divided into four parts:






Dean knows culture is key, which is why he identifies “Induction” as the most complex part of of his hiring process. “It’s easy to put your values on the wall. It means nothing. It’s about behavior. Culture is really just how people behave when they think you’re not looking.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Another way in which Dean communicates his desired culture at Tough Mudder is by actively making himself available to new hires, rather than simply declaring, “My door is always open.” Dean explains, “I also personally sit down with groups of new people for an hour and a half and let them ask me anything they want.” 

Between using RITA and employing active leadership, Dean is shaping the Tough Mudder culture — AND making sure its employees will fit right in.

Would you use RITA to find and hire new talent?

Inc. Magazine November 2013

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